The scars on my back

Not in Moria anymore…

I’ve lost count the number of MMOs I’ve played over the years. I would guess it’s somewhere in the neighborhood of 15. I’ve probably put the most time in WoW, with LotRO coming in a close second. I’d guess Rift would be next, and I don’t really have a good grasp of the remainder. Anyway, as it stands today, outside of Guild Wars (which I’m not sure completely counts), I don’t have a single level capped character. At one point I hit level cap in WoW, but once Wrath of the Lich King launched I never caught up again. I was also level capped in LotRO, but Rise of Isengard quickly put a stop to that.

There are days when I look at my track record and think I should probably turn in my gamer card. In the cosmic scheme of things I really haven’t “achieved” all that much. It’s like I’ve started a project and never see it through to completion, or perhaps reading a book and never getting to its end. In other words, I’m a warrior with plenty of scars on his back.

But I think there is a bigger part of me that really doesn’t care that much about such things. It tends to enjoy the ride while it lasts and then, when the shine is gone, compels me to move on to another game. Life is too short it tells me and with the limited game time I have, why squander it on something no longer engaging?

Under Rift’s spell

All of this rambling to say, I do believe quite soon I’ll have my first level capped character in quite some time. My ranger in Rift is closing in on level 48 at the moment, and the shine is definitely still there. I realize there are several imminent releases (Diablo 3 and Torchlight 2 come to mind), that will no doubt be competing for my time, but for now I’ll continue logging into Rift.

For anyone who cares, I’m listing below all the scarred-backed warriors I can recall:

Age of Conan — Ultharin (level 55 dark templar)

Everquest 2 —  Barnavelt (level 72 necromancer)

Fallen Earth —  Barnavelt (level 19)

Guild Wars — Mortimus Zurn (level 20 Warrior/Monk)

Lord of the Rings Online — Alzebo (level 65 warden)

Rift — Charlan (level 49 ranger/bard/nightblade)

Vanguard — Halkoryn (level 22 ranger)

World of Warcraft –Celephais (level 82 druid)


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  1. I don’t have much MMO under my belt. But, from what I’ve played, I only level capped two characters. One in WAR and then in RIFT.

    WAR was just fun to play and easy to reach endgame if you’re into PvP. In RIFT, one of the reasons why I level capped because I didn’t have the need to make alts. I just stuck with one character (Assassin/Nightblade/Saboteur). Its soul system allowed me to switch play styles on the fly. So, the gameplay wasn’t that monotonous for me.

  2. I completely know what you mean! I have a somewhat similar experience with my games. Ever since that first MMO (ffxi) where I guess you could say I “finished the game” after playing for ~4 years. After that, in the MMOs/console games following, the shine wore off early for me as well. I still find myself hoping to catch the same wonder and excitement I felt from the first MMO. And I guess my next hope is that GW2 will be that one 🙂

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