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Audio mining. Node 01

I enjoy listening to a variety of podcasts while I’m working.  It helps keep me sane.  Most of these happen to be game related podcasts.  As I don’t know how many blog readers are also podcast listeners, I thought it might be of interest to some (perhaps not) if I shared various quotes from these podcasts.  I’ll try and post these periodically as I have the time. 

Here is the first batch:

“I’m looking forward to doing mounted combat.  However…what happens if it turns out we’re not very good at it, because we’re badly coordinated people, or the fact that we simply don’t like it?  And then it’s a question of what percentage of the expansion pack [will involve mounted combat]?  If there’s 100 quests in this expansion, [and] if 70 are revolving around mounted combat, then that player who does not like mounted combat has surely got a problem.”

— Roger from Contains Moderate Peril / Episode 68


“I don’t think I did any of the quests in the Water-works.  I think it’s the slimiest, nastiest mug hole full of glow worms and disgusting giant hypnotic frogs, and I do not like that zone.”

–Goldenstar from A Casual Stroll to Mordor / Episode 153


“The problem I have with some of these big MMO franchises that I love…whether it’s LotRO or DDO or even World of Warcraft [is that] as a guy who is playing a ton of different games, it almost makes me sad to see them putting out something as good as Riders of Rohan, because [even though] I can play this in beta, there’s no chance in freakin’ hell I’m going to get a max level character through LotRO anytime soon…  I’m just not going to get there.

I think this is a systemic problem with MMOs.  You get these teams that make this great content for end game to keep their diehard fans happy and it sits there fallow for the rest of us.” 

— Julian Murdoch from Gamers With Jobs Conference Call / Episode 302