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O captain, my captain

My green behind the ears hobbit warden.

I managed to reach level cap with my warden last week.  Being level capped is a relatively new phenomenon for me.  I’ve only pulled this off a handful of times in the past, most recently in Rift.  So I wasn’t very sure what I wanted to do next.  Seeing how I’m not much of one for fine tuning my end game characters, and knowing that the release of the next expansion, Riders of Rohan, was almost two months away, I knew my time with this character was coming to a close for now.  Over the past several days I’ve done my best to outfit him and get him as ready as possible for the expansion.  Because he is a woodworker I was able to craft him two Second Age legendary weapons: one spear and one javelin.  After spending some time leveling these up, choosing legacies, and slotting relics, I felt he was ready for a much-needed rest.

I, on the other hand, was not.  I began thinking of who I wanted to play next.

My hunter exploring the excellent Morian Water-works (another favorite zone of mine).

I have a level 58 hunter I could play.  He was my first character who I forged ahead with, making it all the way to Angmar, Eregion and into the lovely, dark and deep Mines of Moria, but somewhere along the way I lost the desire to play him.  I’ve tried several times in the past to pick him back up, but I’ve never been able to reconnect and get the hunter vibe going again.  That he’s just on the cusp of Lothlorien (a zone I didn’t care for the first time through with my warden), doesn’t help his cause any.

I also have a level 50 minstrel.  He was part of a duo-ship with a guardian, played by a good friend of mine who sadly no longer plays MMOs.  I know the minstrel is fully capable of soloing these days, but the few times I’ve picked him up recently, haven’t been able to convince me of this fact.

My captain dreaming in Evendim.

When I logged back into my captain, a character I had almost forgotten, I found him at the entryway to Evendim.  Evendim…I’ll go on record as saying Evendim is my favorite zone in the game (something that does help his cause).  From a purely visual perspective, Lake Evendim is breathtaking, and the zone has been revamped making for an excellent and rewarding quest progression throughout the zone.   Even though I had no clue what any of his skills did, I had managed to lay out his skill bar in such a way that made relearning his tricks of the trade surprisingly painless.  He’s level 34 now, enjoying the big, beautiful Evendim sky, and diligently working on gaining the favor of the Wardens of Annuminas.


Dunland doldrums


I’m in a bit of a rut on the gaming front.  I’m currently playing Lord of the Rings Online and making some progress through the latest expansion, Rise of Isengard, but the content—at least so far—isn’t really keeping my interest.  I consider myself to have a high tolerance for rote quests, but for the past 7 levels (my warden is currently at 72) that’s pretty much all I’ve found to do.  The Dunlendings need my help, and at first I was happy to provide it, but after running countless errands for a third village and now being sent on to the fourth, I’m running out of steam.  To supplement this I’ve been working through the epic story quest, which is a bit more exciting, but even it has left me wanting.

I’m usually a sucker for sidekicks in games.   I was hoping the ability to summon my skirmish soldier in the landscape would add some excitement to the questing, but what I’ve found so far is that almost every quest has been painfully easy to complete solo.  Adding a skirmish soldier makes it almost laughable.

I’ve also been hearing quite a bit of negative feedback concerning LotRO’s next expansion, Riders of Rohan, and how they don’t seem to be offering much bang for your buck with their various preorder options.  This kind of thing doesn’t usually affect me, but this coupled with my less than enthusiastic impression of their current expansion, and I’m finding myself starting to look elsewhere for something to do with my game time.  The mounted combat of Riders of Rohan certainly sounds interesting, but I’m not sure I’m going to be there to find out.  I won’t be preordering the expansion.  That much is for sure. 

Speaking of sidekicks, I’ve just ordered Dragon’s Dogma for the Xbox 360 and am hoping a little change of pace and scenery will give me something to look forward to playing again.