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Thanks for the epidural

There are some very nice people out there on the internet.  I’m sure you weren’t aware of that.

Thanks to the Newbie Blogger Initiative a whole host of brand new blogs are getting off on the right foot.  It’s actually quite comforting to know (and a bit scary as well), that your fledgling blog isn’t launching into the blogosphere completely alone and unnoticed.

I may not technically qualify as a newbie blogger, but I’m fairly certain I wouldn’t have started up this project if it weren’t for this initiative.  Before I get written off as a freeloading slacker, allow me to say a few words in my defense.  Although technically speaking I am not new to blogging, in some ways I really am.  The blog I previously maintained, Grinding toValhalla, primarily consisted of interviews I did with other bloggers.  Basically, they were the ones doing all the work in answering my questions and coming up with all the content for my blog.  I barely lifted a claw.  So now I’m finding myself in a position where I’m having to come up with all my own content.  It’s really uncharted territory for me, and the Newbie Blogger Initiative is helping to make this whole birthing process as painless as possible.

I’d specifically like to thank mighty Anjin at Bullet Points for his kind words of encouragement and much appreciated publicity, and Syp, High Priest of Kindness.  I’d also like to thank all the veteran bloggers involved with this project for sharing so freely their tricks of the trade.  I should probably be thanking more of them specifically, but due to my freeloading slacker genes, I’m going to end this by just saying, “Thanks to all!”