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Closing down the Rift

I’ve done something that renders a previous post I made somewhat obsolete.  I hit level cap in Rift the other night.  This may not seem like an accomplishment to many others, but it certainly was to me.  My level 50 dwarf ranger/bard/nightblade is the only level cap character I currently have in any of the MMOs I’ve played.

Level 50 with my new epic two tail

The next time I logged in I quickly made my way to the mount vendor to purchase a swift Valmera and then it was off to Ember Isle.  When I arrived I was greeted by an onscreen message informing me that Ember Isle content was designed for players with end game gear.   In other words: not me.  But, it went on to say, if you enjoy a challenge, knock yourself out.  And that’s just what I did.  Mobs were level 52 and took a considerably longer time to bring down than I was accustomed to.  

At this point I had a tough decision to make.  Do I start working on gearing up my character to have end game gear to make the Ember Isle content more palpable, or do I close up shop and wait for an expansion?  As I tend to view the planar attunement system and gearing up a level capped character for a chronic soloer like me to be something of an unnecessary grind, I decided it was time to follow the siren’s call and move on to another game.

I would like to go on record as saying that if/when Trion Worlds releases an expansion for Rift, I’ll be back for sure.

There it is again…that haunting melody.

Just some random impressions I’m left with after my time spent in the game:

–I’ve had a wonderful time in Telara.

–The art design of the world is top notch.  I have particularly fond memories of my time spent in brooding Gloamwood, Scarwood Reach and Stillmoor.

–The ethereal music that tends to play while standing outside in the various  terraces of Sanctum is quite beautiful and haunting.  I would be hard pressed to come up with another example of in game music from another MMO that stirred me as much as this.   I found myself on a number of occasions just staring out to sea waiting to hear the music again.

Some are easy to get to…

–From a soloer’s standpoint, artifacts were a welcomed addition to the game.  Collecting shinies is something I never got tired of and on several occasions went out of my way to find some.  Anything that promotes exploration in my gaming is a plus in my book.

–The game centers on rifts.  They are an engaging mechanic and add a certain element of unpredictability and danger to the game—something I generally found refreshing.   There were times where I wanted to turn in a quest, but the camp in which my quest giver was stationed had been overrun by a major rift invasion.   Either I helped fight back the invasion so that things could be restored and I could turn in my quest, or I’d just have to come back later when the chaos had died down

Next stop for me?  Middle-earth.  Dunland to be more precise.  Much like Syp, I’m looking to catch my second (more like forth) wind in LotRO.


The scars on my back

Not in Moria anymore…

I’ve lost count the number of MMOs I’ve played over the years. I would guess it’s somewhere in the neighborhood of 15. I’ve probably put the most time in WoW, with LotRO coming in a close second. I’d guess Rift would be next, and I don’t really have a good grasp of the remainder. Anyway, as it stands today, outside of Guild Wars (which I’m not sure completely counts), I don’t have a single level capped character. At one point I hit level cap in WoW, but once Wrath of the Lich King launched I never caught up again. I was also level capped in LotRO, but Rise of Isengard quickly put a stop to that.

There are days when I look at my track record and think I should probably turn in my gamer card. In the cosmic scheme of things I really haven’t “achieved” all that much. It’s like I’ve started a project and never see it through to completion, or perhaps reading a book and never getting to its end. In other words, I’m a warrior with plenty of scars on his back.

But I think there is a bigger part of me that really doesn’t care that much about such things. It tends to enjoy the ride while it lasts and then, when the shine is gone, compels me to move on to another game. Life is too short it tells me and with the limited game time I have, why squander it on something no longer engaging?

Under Rift’s spell

All of this rambling to say, I do believe quite soon I’ll have my first level capped character in quite some time. My ranger in Rift is closing in on level 48 at the moment, and the shine is definitely still there. I realize there are several imminent releases (Diablo 3 and Torchlight 2 come to mind), that will no doubt be competing for my time, but for now I’ll continue logging into Rift.

For anyone who cares, I’m listing below all the scarred-backed warriors I can recall:

Age of Conan — Ultharin (level 55 dark templar)

Everquest 2 —  Barnavelt (level 72 necromancer)

Fallen Earth —  Barnavelt (level 19)

Guild Wars — Mortimus Zurn (level 20 Warrior/Monk)

Lord of the Rings Online — Alzebo (level 65 warden)

Rift — Charlan (level 49 ranger/bard/nightblade)

Vanguard — Halkoryn (level 22 ranger)

World of Warcraft –Celephais (level 82 druid)