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Heroica (by the rules!)

Out of the blue my son informs me that he wants to play a board game by the rules.  Up until now he’s equated playing by the rules as something unfun and restrictive, and I’m sure I’m to blame for this line of thinking.  In the past I’ve let him just play with the board game pieces and figures as he wanted, and when I tried to implement some sort of structure to the game, he generally balked and would have nothing to do with it.

 So when he told me he wanted to play a game by the rules, I was more than willing to oblige.  That game ended up being Lego Heroica–more specifically, the Draida Bay adventure.  Recently Lego has gotten into the board game market and some of their releases have been surprisingly RPG centric.

Heroica: Draida Bay setup

Our game lasted a mere 5 minutes, but during that 5 minutes my son played completely by the rules.  Our mission in this adventure was to infiltrate the goblin fortress and take out the goblin general.  My son played the barbarian and I the wizard.  He made a beeline for the general, while I set my eyes on a heavily guarded (well, it sat behind 2 goblin soldiers) health potion.  My son’s first two rolls were bad (like father like son I guess), and he was down to half health before taking out any of the goblin guards.  Eventually his luck changed and before he knew it, he stood before the goblin general’s throne.  My wizard managed to catch back up with my son’s barbarian, just as the “boss” battle was about to begin.  I handed him the health potion I picked up.  He downed it right before engaging the goblin general.  This time he rolled well, and we watched as the goblin general went down like a sack of potatoes.  When I asked what his barbarian wanted to do next, he informed me that he planned to sit on the throne for a while (again, like father like son).

Age: 7+ (My son is a couple of years shy of this and we still had fun.)

Players: 2

Playtime: 5-10 min.

Overall impressions

Heroica: Draida Bay was fun, while it lasted, but there’s really not a lot of game here.  I can’t see my son wanting to play through this adventure again, as is.  Maybe if we set up another scenario, something Lego encourages you to do, the game would have more lasting power.  Maybe having daddy captured and tortured by the evil goblins (my son would like that), and he has to come rescue me.  I know there have been other sets released in the Heroica line, and maybe by combining the different sets into a bigger campaign, the game could come into more of its own.  As it stands though, it’s a tad on the light side for me.  Still, my son had fun and he did play by the rules.