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One flesh

My email order bride arrived in May of 2005.  At the time I was hook, line and sinker into World of Warcraft.  Before she got here we used to chat for several hours every Friday night, and I would bore her senseless with my WoW exploits.  Lucky lady, I know.

After taking a brief hiatus from the game to get to know each other better, I returned to WoW in a more casual capacity.  It wasn’t long after this that I found my wife standing over my shoulder during gaming sessions and asking me questions about what I was doing.   One morning I came out of the shower to find her playing a freshly minted character of her own, and the rest—as they don’t tend to say—isn’t history.

Within a month we had purchased a second computer, another copy of the game and created her a WoW account, and for the better part of the next year we were inseparable in Azeroth.

Those were magical times.  We put together a guild of real life friends and explored and conquered pretty much every dungeon the original content had to throw at us.  We would take long evening walks and talk strategy and plan our agendas for upcoming gaming sessions.  We considered ourselves lucky in finding a hobby we were both passionate about pursuing.

However, little did we know the winds of change were already…uh…on the wind. 

My son at one

In essence, our lives became more demanding.  We had a son.  She received a promotion at work.  We purchased a home, moving further away and now had a longer commute.  Our joint gaming sessions were growing fewer and farther between.  And in time we stopped playing WoW all together.

Today my wife has moved on to other pursuits.  She’s found out she has a talent for art and has been trying her hand at illustration.  She’s even started her own blog chronicling her own adventures there.

Me?  I’ve moved on to other games.  I still play MMOs, perhaps not as much as I played before my son was born, but still enough to keep the passion alive and well.  As far as WoW goes?  I can’t seem to find any of the magic I once experienced in the game.  Believe me, I’ve tried.  I’ve gone back more times than I care to think about but each time for shorter and shorter stays.  Although I tend to solo in most games I play, I feel particularly lonely when playing WoW.  Maybe it’s because I can’t seem to shake what we used to have in the game.