Currently playing…

As of 7/25/12

LotRO (PC) – I managed to get my hobbit warden up to 75 and am now working on my captain.  He’s level 42 and moving.  It’s funny how much I can get into this game which tends to last a month or two and then find myself moving on to something else.  I’ve come back to LotRO three times now.  This, as many people seem to share, is my comfort MMO.  It will be intersting to see what Riders of Rohan delivers.

Dragon’s Dogma (Xbox 360) – open world single player fantasy RPG from Capcom.  It’s a beautiful mess.

Mage Knight (board game) – A competitive / cooperative open world fantasy RPG of exploration, complete with deck building, leveling up your character and conquest.  Hands down this is the most difficult game I’ve ever had the pleasure of learning the rules to.


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